la Lupe linda
La Lupe linda welcomes you to our site. She is just one of the many subjects you will find in these unique sepia style notecards and accessories. The old world style of these notecards reflect our fascination with old time photography and our unbridled love of dogs, gardens, and all things fanciful.
Fustipulp’s extraordinary sepia tone note cards and sister company Fustipane’s artistically handcrafted stained glass pieces offer the decorator, letter writer, and gift giver a distinctive way to make a statement. Our goal is to create a product as distinctive as the personal message you will write or the thought behind your gift. Make Fustipulp and Fustipane your source for whimsical products, products as distinctive as you are.
Please visit us often for new product additions, and feel free to send us your suggestions for notecard and stained glass ideas!
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About Fustipulp & Fustipane

Our Humble Beginnings...
Fustipulp was our first brainchild; however, our enthusiasm for the extraordinary and distinctive could not be contained, and from that -- Fustipane, the extraordinary step-sister, who until recently was unacknowledged, was born.

We are trained artisans with years of experience in our various fields, Our goal is to share with you the beauty of our art and to brighten your world in doing so! Thanks for visiting our website, and please visit us again.

Feel free to contact us with your questions!

Our Philosophy
We believe that it is important to give and receive "distinctive" gifts. Our stained glass pieces, in Victorian, Art Deco, and Celtic styles, not only make the ideal tokens for giving, they are the perfect gift for giving to yourself. Our notecards and stationery products are equally unique. We offer extraordinary pieces at affordable prices. It is our goal to offer fine quality pieces of variety and distinction that amuse and please gift recipients and buyers alike.

The Fusti Ladies
While we may not always take our "dress" so seriously, we always take your satisfaction quite seriously.
Please contact us if you have an idea for a special piece -- in stained glass or stationery -- that you do not see here. We will work with you to develop custom pieces to your satisfaction.